DVD > Trauma Treatment: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century – Neuroscience & Physiology of Trauma by Robert Scaer M.D.

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In this comprehensive interview, Scaer literally covers the entire Trauma Spectrum (incidentally, that s also the name of his most recent book): from the biological nature of trauma to the acute physical, emotional psychological symptoms it creates and on into the medical issues and disorders that are so often part of trauma s clinical picture. Following Scaer s extended interview, trauma s adopted son, Stephen Porges, gives us a detailed description of his polyvagal theory; how it relates to the experience of stress and resultant responses-fight/flight freeze; and its applicability for better outcomes in trauma treatment.
OBJECTIVES:-Describe the nature of traumatic memories-Recognize the physiology of trauma-Describe how trauma is linked to not only psychological disorders, but to a host of physical/medical problems-Identify the polyvagal theory in terms of hierarchy: ventral vagal response; sympathetic response and dorsal vagal response-Describe the social engagement system
CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS:Continuing Education Credits are available for the following professions:-Counselors-Social Workers-Psychologists-Marriage and Family Therapists-Addiction Counselors-Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Clinical Nurse Specialists

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