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Part of the award winning public television series Healthy Body/Healthy Mind. Migraine headaches afflict about 24 million people in the United States, and are listed by the World Health Organization in the top 20 reasons for missed work days world-wide. They can last up to 24 hours and in some cases several days. They are debilitating, throbbing pain and the sensitivity to sounds and light taking over the lives of sufferers. Through the stories of migraine sufferers, we will piece together a picture of what life is like during migraine attacks. Through interviews with leading medical experts, viewers will understand the physiology and the possible treatments of migraine headaches. More than most shows, this one will center on the idea of the patient/physician working as a team. We will put viewers into the patient/physician dialogue that leads to successful migraine treatment.

Disponibilité : Expédition sous 1 à 2 jours ouvrés
Finition : DVD

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